The East Lansing Rotary Club in conjunction with East Lansing High School are honored to announce March’s students of the month. Erin Ruark (freshman), and Anthony Petroff (sophomore) have been selected as February Students of the Month based upon criteria that include involvement in school activities, community service and their Grade Point Average (GPA). The purpose of the Award is to highlight young people who exemplify the values held in esteem by all Rotarians.

ErinStudentoftheMonthErin Ruark was nominated by her Geometry Teacher. Erin is an excellent student both in and out of the classroom. She studies hard (aced her Geometry final – not many of us can say that!) – she loves to both read and write, is active in ISHALL, an accelerated English program offered through and at Michigan State University. Erin also plays the violin and can be heard singing in the chorus of East Lansing High School’s musical “The Wiz”. Erin has the opportunity to expand both her joy, and skill in writing through the writing club she is active in. When Erin isn’t busy, singing, writing, or reading you will find her active on a community project through

AnthonyStudentoftheMonthAnthony Petroff is also a math whiz. Taking Algebra 2 as a sophomore puts Anthony ahead of the curve in his math curriculum. He is an all-around outstanding student with a 3.89 GPA. Anthony is a quiet leader. He knows when to work, he knows when to make suggestions, and he knows when and how to step up and help others. An example of this is his ability to take a tough subject like Math, and using “texting” lingo help his peers remember difficult logarithms. By placing difficult ideas and concepts into “lingo” that his peers can understand he is helping them improve their understanding of Algebra 2. In addition to applying himself to his studies, Anthony is a member of Christian Student Union (CSU) and a member of the East Lansing Football team.

Both young adults were asked who their favorite person was and they had a common answer. Both mentioned parents as that person(s) they looked up to most and appreciated them for the positive role they play in their respective lives. Anthony likes the idea of being a doctor or working in a medically related field, while Erin has her sights set on studying abroad, learning multiple languages, and helping this experience to shape what her future might hold.

If you happen to run into either Erin or Anthony in the next few weeks, thank them for their efforts and congratulate them both for being March’s East Lansing Rotary’s Students of the month.