Rotary International - A Brief History

The original Rotary Club was organized in Chicago, Illinois by Paul P. Harris, an attorney. Harris wanted to enlarge his circle of friends and fellowship. His idea was to bring together men of different businesses and professions so they could recapture the friendliness of the small towns many had known as youngsters.

The name “Rotary” was chosen because the club met in rotation at each member’s place of business. Soon the club became too large for this and the membership began gathering for lunch. Camaraderie alone could not sustain the club and soon service to the community became the group’s binding strength.

With Rotary blanketing much of the globe, its service projects and international goodwill programs are felt by millions of men and women worldwide.    To learn more go to:

Weekly Meeting

Monday From 12 to 1:30
Location: University Club of MSU
The East Lansing Rotary Club usually meets on Mondays at 12 Noon at the University Club at MSU, 3435 Forest Rd., Lansing, MI. There are sometimes special, offsite meetings. Please be sure to consult our Events Calendar for the location, date and time of our upcoming meetings. Visitors are always welcome!
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