Mayor Victor W. Loomis, Jr. – a member of our East Lansing Rotary Club – will undergo cardiovascular surgery on Tuesday, July 21 at Sparrow Hospital in Lansing.
Loomis expects to miss the July 28 City Council work session and the Aug. 11 City Council meeting. He plans to return to a full work schedule after Labor Day which will include participation in the Sept. 1 City Council meeting.
According to Loomis: “The surgery will come at the end of a most thorough personal physical exam. With the exception of the cardio work, my doctors have advised me that I am of very good health and in very good physical condition. My heart is in very good condition and nothing related to the vascular work has caused it any damage. The work is being done at this point to ensure that I will remain of good health and physical condition and to alleviate potential future concerns.”
“Those of you who know me, know that I enjoy a most active and energetic lifestyle. I look forward to returning to my normal routine with an even heightened level of energy,” Loomis said. “My recovery will take place at my home in East Lansing where I will have full access to my normal communication channels, will have mobility and will be able to stay current with all City activities. My thanks to all for your continuing support.”

Additional information regarding the mayor’s condition will be released as it becomes available.